• All content-based apps that you need

    Providing different content-based apps regarding health, kids and teens, movies and cinema, educational and entertainment

  • Project management

    Design, supply, implementation, installation, training, post sales services and consulting in the field of weak current systems, ELV
    CCTV, F&G, LAN, BMS, Access Control, PIDS, VOIP, Paging, Intercom

  • Consulting in the field of technical, economical and telecommunication infrastructure

    Checking and consulting in the field of the technical and economic plans, telecommunication infrastructure and strategies regarding assignment of telecommunication surplus capacity of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways

  • Game Development

    Development of various computer and mobile games

AVIJE Modern Communications Development Engineering company

AVIJE Modern Communications Development Engineering company (Privately held company) was established by a group of experienced managers who were expert in IT, communication and security, project management and knowledge management in August 2018. Now by developing activity fields, Avije is also providing services in the field of technical engineering, executive projects and supplying specialized equipment in energy field. Today Avije family provides a wide range of services and products in control and management of executive projects, commercial, IT services, digital services, content providing and game services.

AVIJE Modern Communication Development Engineering company

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